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. >> no harm, no foul right there. he did get into allmendinger. matt was like i'm coming through. right here he pushes kurt up out of the groove. and he gets seventh and kurt ends up ninthehind almirola. >> kurt doesn't like that and gives the 20 car a little shot. that's okay. i didn't like what you did. but that's okay. >> we know one man's happy. happy harvick. he will go to victory lane for richard childress and chevrolet. congratulations, happy harvick. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] [ male announcer ] millions of fans. one family. join the family and switch to sprint. save $100 on any phone at sprint stores and >>> tony stewart telling them to deal with it. welcome to the sprint post-race show. some people angry but kevin harvick who was seventh on the restart, smiling as he gets his first victory of the season. krista voda is there for the celebration. >> kevin harvick has been to victory lane many times in his career. but there is something that feels different about this one. >> i want to thank everybody first. it has been a tough start to the season. the cars have
. talking about our friend matt lauer. >> yes. >> but let's just take a little taste of -- >> let's see it. >> kathie lee on fire with "e.t." defending matt lauer. >> we weren't petitioning for anything. it was a proclamation of our -- of our affection and our support for our friend and our colleague, matt. >> today kathie lee gifford has said enough is enough. >> i think some people might be wary of some corporate orchestration here. but that's not kathie lee. kathie lee goes rogue all the time. there is no containing that woman. she did it all on her own. >> now, what -- >> i love that billy. he should know. >> let's talk about what they're discussing. >> so what happened was probably a couple of weeks ago, kath started a -- i guess you could call it a petition. >> it wasn't, though. it was, because we didn't -- we just wanted -- it's a proclamation. >> a proclamation. >> it was about support for matt in this -- at the "today" show. and matt has worked with all of us here at the "today" show for a long, long time. cameramen and people in the sound division and everywhere. >> drivers. eve
. let's go back to lester. >> all right, matt. here's where things stand right now. the lone remaining bombing suspect, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is hospitalized in boston this morning. he's believed to be in serious condition recovering from gunshot wounds suffer during the shootout on friday morning with police that left his brother dead. this all came to a head of course last night shortly before 7:00 p.m. when shots rang out here in watertown for the second time in 24 hours. it was close to the spot where tsarnaev and his brother had that confrontation with police thursday night going into friday. the 19 year old was hiding out in a boat in backyard spotted by a resident there who alerted authorities and then it was 8:40 p.m. we got word that tsarnaev was captured alive. that's believed to be his ambulance speeding away. relieved citizens cheered in the streets. amazing sight. president obama appeared in the white house briefing room shortly after 10:00 p.m. to say thank goodness its over. certainly capturing the mood not only here in watertown but across this region. matt and
. emotional dayyfor the fammly of matt (hee-sul) hersl..first who struck him has finally nd - &pbeen arrested and charged. ((pkg)) 433yyar old ohnny pohnsonnis theemmn poliie arrrsted and chhrged in the death offmmtt wws last weekk...wwen eyeeitnesses told ox 45 thhyytackled johhsoo as he tried to run from the scene. i's een allost a week ince matt dded.... :03:09 mmybrother was an angel near the crash reemmber his rother... he andd other family members just packed uppmattts office. 2:01:11 it felt as if he was in there with usan avid sports fan... maat had two bobbleheaas ann other sppots memorablial.... i assed.... steve... what the family thought abouttthe delay ii the arrest of the drivvr 2:04:33 our familyyhas faath &pthat the process will ttke care of itseef.//and were just lovinn way :48 ((joy)) it's suspected... of this incident. hees been e - pcaaged wiih manslaagger bb pmpaired by rugs. invessigators alss tell fox 45 they found heroin and cccaine inside the acura johhnon was driving. johnson wws arrested phile walking to his house this afternoon.. joy lepola ff
is wearing zito's helmet. matt cain, something happen force matt adams. two runs score, cardinals take 3-2 lead. now 5-2 cardinals. matt carpenter singles to right, two more runs score. that the end for matt cain. he gave up nine earned runs and giants lose 14-3 as your final. mindi is at the park with an update. >> reporter: well, henry, matt cain's first three innings matched the celebratory mood at at&t park but in the fourth inning the cardinals killed the party. 11 batters knocked cane for seven hits and nine earned runs. cain's worst single outing of his career. >> an exciting day for all of us. we've been looking forward to seeing the ring and see what they did upstairs and you know, it turned out great. i wish that, you know, for myself and the rest of the guys, i wish i would have can done better. to kind of keep the excitement going. but you know, it is a long season and then we will have a lot more games and a lot of that. but definitely remember it as a good day. getting our rings and being excited about that. >> giants offense only scored seven runs in the three-game series
, johnny. ladies and gentlemen, weto our show. happy birthday, mom. and, matt, nice to have you back with us. matt had a great day on friday, winning a lot of money, so, lisa and tim, lcome you're up against it toda. he's a good champion, but i'm sure you're good challengers, also. let's go to work in this first round. good luck to all three of you as we reveal these categories for you. we start off with... hey, there's a theme here. you scan the clue and identify the cat breed. f-l-u -- that comes up in each correct response. and finally, good news. alex: matt, where do we start? let's start with doctor! doctor! for $200, please. matt. who is the fugitive? good. doctor! $400, please. tim. who is dr. quinn, medicine woman? yes. doctor! doctor! for $600. tim. who is dr. dre? correct. doctor! doctor! $800. and that would be dr. doom. tim, back to you. doctor! doctor! $1,000, please. tim. who is kapoor? no. lisa. who is mindy kaling? you got her, and you're on the board with $1,000 and in the lead. you need a lab test for $200, please. matt. what is anemia? good. lab test, $400. tim. wh
alabama mooring by high winds while it carried 800 people aboard. abc's matt gutman has the latest on the cruiseship with the course as wayward as its luck. for the second time in as many months, all aboard the triumph of were left adrift. storms with 70-mile-an-hour winds. 800 crew and contractors were on the kol las sus as it bounced off of other boats while it was undergoing months of repair. >> due to high winds, the carnival triumph of broke its morings. it had a small collision with an army corps of engineer boat and a deck barge. during that collision, it took a few scrapes and scratches. >> reporter: and an eyewitness described the slow motion chaos as the ship drifted in the bay. >> someone said oh, my good, look at the carnival. we turned and look, and you could see the carnival coming sideways. there was a tug boat trying to keep it in center of the river, but it just bashed completely sgoo the banking and pinned the tug boat against the bank. the result? this giant gash. tug boats had to lassie the triumph of and slowly ease it back into its dock. it's been a rough ride
, or better to stay away? matt shapiro has some thoughts after this. i wanted to be in the military since i was a kid. i served a total of 16 years. and at 19 years old, that's the first time i ever saw somebody die. coming back, i was raging. i started having pretty horrible nightmares. i started drinking a lot. i guess i never recognized it in myself. it all starts with going to the va. there's a whole community of veterans that just want to help you out. it's for the guys who couldn't come back, you owe it to them to live well. because they're not here with their families. now to get some closing thoughts on the market today with matt shapiro, president of mws capital. good morning to you matt. - good morning angie. - i know our viewers from home are watching the situation in the market, and they are very curious with the levels that we are watching today, what do you think? is it the time to buy more or just sit on the sidelines and wait until the dust settles? - yesterday's tragedy - i had a feeling monday was going to be a tough day, but i didn't think, of course, we would have an att
and was subsequently evacuated by s.w.a.t. officers is said to be okay. matt lauer is covering another breaking story in the town of west, texas. that huge explosion of a fertilizer plant there. we'll check in with matt for the latest on that in a moment. as i turn to al and natalie as we watch this extraordinary moment. i know you are tracking developments. >> we're trying to obviously an abundance of caution because there's so much information on the internet right now and until we know more, pete williams has shown us that you have to be very careful with all of the information you see on the social networks out there right now. >> one thing that's always reliable is al's forecast. let's do the weather. >> we have had a lot of changeable weather going on. in fact, we were telling you about the rain yesterday. parts of the midwest, chicago, over 5.5 inches of rain in one day. that's more than they usually get for the month of april. right now we have flood warnings. river flood warnings and flash flood warnings in effect for much of the midwest and there's more rain going on. you can see it pushing
. matt cavanuagh of cmz trading joins us for that. good morning to you, matt. - good morning. - we are now post-earnings from amazon. were you impressed by the numbers at all? - yeah, i thought it was a little bit better than expected, but you know, does that even really matter for amazon? this is a company that in q4 pretty much missed on everything, but had a little bit better gross margin, and the stock was up 8%, so i am not really sure that this is a stock where the numbers matter so much. - jeff bezos, the ceo, is telling reporters that he sees amazon green-lighting more tv shows, and it seems like that is where the internet is going. people want to watch tv on their tablets, for instance. does that help amazon's case? - absolutely. they are a giant global company. anywhere that they can get their fingers into is a good thing. but, the answer with amazon is always, "what are they going to do? what are they going to do?" i think this is another one of those continuing stories. what are they goingto do down the road? - what are you going to do with the stock? - i see it pretty
bisignano, the co-chief operating officer, has left the bank. he will now head to first data, while matt zames, who had split the role with bisignano, will become the sole coo. it is the ninth executive to leave the bank following its massive trading debacle last year. rating agency moodys says the italian government may still need to be bailed out. italy's new prime minister, enrico letta, was just sworn in this week, and the country has taken successful steps to avoid an immediate crisis. but, in a statment, moodys says: "we cannot yet rule out italy will end up asking for help." the agency will continue to monitor italy's efforts to overhaul its economy. it's a pretty rare thing for the u.s. army to say "no thanks" to more funding, but that is exactly what the defense department is saying about the abrams tank. the army is on record saying the abrams are not needed, but that has not stopped congress from allocating $436 million for upgrading the weapon. the main defenders of the abrams funding are ohio senator rob portman and congressman jim jordan of lima, ohio, which is also where t
fool you. >> see them all and find out which one is trying to trick you. >> >>> it's matt dreidel mond, me for real or fake videos. matt, welcome back. >> let's get into it. >> first video. no! >> that's a runaway something. >> that was. it looks like a runaway train engine. >> what? >> holy cow. >> in a thing is going by really fast. i think this is real. >> that's crazy. >> it looks like there was some kind of train derailment and that might have been some kind of rescue equipment. >> it's got a crane on it, right? >> yes. >> it's amazing, the guy was able to get out of the way before getting run over by those things. >> real. >> four reals, what do you say, mac? >> i think you guys are right on the money of this one, real. it reminds me of the "indiana jones" scene where he runs away from the big boulder that's chasing him down. video number two. that, my friends is what you call a supa. >> this -- [ laughter ] oh, now he's got panti hose on his head? >> you're kidding me. >> so dumb it's real. and yeah, we've seen burglars forget to put their masks on? which is what this guy did an
. matt lauer is in boston this morning in what is obviously an emotional and terrible day to you. >> it's a sad and surreal tuesday morning, it's sunny just like it was yesterday for the running of the marathon but this city has now been changed. i'm at the corner of boylston and arlington street, i have been to the finish of this race on a number of occasions. it was packed with people standing side by side looking to see if they could spot some loved ones and friends crossing the finish line when the bombs went off. "the boston globe" have a headline that says "marathon terror." we can tell you overnight we know some developments took place. police went to revere, massachusetts, that's about ten miles from here to the north, it's a suburb and they served a search warrant at an apartment there, they interviewed two men this morning, they're only saying that search warrant and those interviews were related to the investigation. they're saying nothing more than that. >> a lot of questions still this morning, matt, and we're also learning more about the victims now, at least three people
megastar matt damon providing rare insight into his marriage. we'll tell you what he promised his wife when they renewed their vows. it's what every woman wants to hear. >>> absolutely. >> hey, good morning, everybody. take a look at this picture. it happened hours ago. a young boy pulled out of the rubble after spending four days, four days buried alive. this is one of many astonishing survival stories. the latest from the scene coming up. >> really a race against time there. >>> the skies are looking friendlier for flyers now that congress okayed a quick fix to the airport delays nationwide. should air traffic controllers be getting special treatment? >> your government at work. a lot of skepticism. they fixed this problem just in time to go home for their spring break. >>> also, somebody who deserves no skepticism. ginger zee, in the windy city. looking radiant in yellow. is that yellow? i'm color dyslexic. spring is arriving in the midwest. the lake front skyline. ginger is pointing it out for us. she'll have the weather from her old stomping grounds. >> she's selling the city. >>> the
her find a date on this april 29th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie from studio 1a. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> a pretty picture on a monday morning. we welcome you to "today" on this monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie. >>> right to the developments of the attack in the boston mayor a. new scrutiny of the suspect's mother. >> you'll remember that she has defended her sons from the very start and this morning, we learn that she too has been part of investigations in her own country. national correspondent jeff rossen is here with more on this. >>> this morning a source briefed on the case tells nbc news russian authorities say they caught the mother and the older brother. the older suspect on a wiretap discussing jihad. this as the younger suspect starts his first week behind bars. dzhokhar tsarnaev is waking up in a federal inmate with medical needs. he's in a small cell with a sink, a shower, and a small window. his bed is bolted to the floor and the door made of solid steel with a small
, talking to us by phone. what can you tell us, matt? >> it was about 15, 20 minutes ago, near the finish line here in boston. i heard two explosions. first one i thought close to the finish line from where we were. it was big. i saw a big mound of smoke come up. and about ten seconds later, across the street from me, on the sidewalk, another big explosion. people are hurt. they have stopped the boston marathon. everyone rushed indoors. i'm now inside the mall looking out on the scene. i can see swarms of police officers treating people on the scene. i count at least five, six people hurt. but i have a feeling there are more. >> so you're seeing -- describe the injuries as you can see them, matt. and how far away are you from the area? >> i'm in the area now, but 30 feet away from boilston avenue where the scene is happening. i'm elevated up on the corridor where one mall goes to the other. i see one woman walking away now limping, covered in a sheet. i see three or four people on the ground being treated by paramedics. but i have a feeling there are more off to the left where i can't see
get their jewelry, but matt cane is far from a pitching gem in >>> they received their rings and then matt cane and the giants received an old-fashioned butt kicking from the cardinals. a ring arrived by cable car trolley and tiffany and company. the second time they have done this in three years. the giants leading 2-0 and the wheels come off for matt cane in the fourth inning like batting practice for saint st. louis. the worst outing since april of 2008. most innings since 1902. the cardinals take two of three and owning up to a less than stellar performance. >> for myself and the rest of the guys i wish i had done better. it keeps the excitement going, but it is a long season and we will have a lot more games. >> that's for sure. 156. if everyone has a twin somewhere in the world he found his. cocoa crisp in the fourth and 8-0 oaknd la. 0 for 3 at the plate, but hitting is not the issue. chasing a foul ball and he slides into the wall. x ray ising they tiff and he is day-to-day -- x ray is is kneeing nigh and they -- negative and they won five straight games. get in my be
't come back, you owe it to them to live well. because they're not here with their families. matt shaprio, president of mws capital, joins us now for a quick chat about cars and houses. good morning to you matt. let's start with cars: tesla having a standout day yesterday. can this run continue? > > i think the stock is a little high. it had an amazing surprise profit announcement yesterday, up $6. it is a stock we have talked about, lower. i've just been afraid to buy it, because of its really high valuation, even though last november i hit one of those tesla stores in the mall, and i thought, "what a high quality car this is." but, you know, i was just too afraid to get into the stock at its valuation, and it shows you there is money to be made. just wait, i think, for a pullback. always twists and turns in this stock. if it comes back down to earth, i think try to get in. > and don't feel bad. everybody has that woulda, shoulda, coulda stock. let's go on to the housing market now. you are watching some mortgage-backed rates here. these can be tricky, but i know that fannie and freddie
and it is coming right after the s &p 500 cleared 1500 just last week. with me is matt shapiro of mws capital. matt -- what do you think? alcoa is first out of the box. > > kind of like groundhog day--alcoa has fallen on tough times. its stock is 8 and a half dollars. seems to be in such a competitive business . nothing they can do even though its a great american company to get the stock going. revenues weren't quite there---not a disaster. earnings were a little bit better than expected. but in terms of the overall earnings season, traders don't really take a look at it that much anymore. its the 80,90, 100 dollar stocks that are going to be crucial this quarter is the first quarter wheer earnings estimates are for a slight decline in the s &p 500. so if they come through just a little bit and we can show a little growth, that's the most important thing is showing a solid quarter overall for the components of the s &p 500. > > a couple others in the news---lufkin industries up after g-e announced aquisition of oil -well pumps manufacture---its stock is up. the sale is for 3.3 billion, that's $88.
-game series against the cardinals did not go as the they had hoped. a very rough outing for matt cain. terry, we'll have those highlights coming up later. but overall, a memorable day for the giants' players on the 2012 world series team. >> thanks, mindy. change is headed our way. here's a live look over san jose. talk about changes, two changes. what kind of changes, rob? >> still nice, cloudy skies. we had 60s around the bay area today, but the changes we're seeing now, starting drop into far north lake county. including some rain and now wind area. we'll talk about that in the forecast coming up. plus the harrowing hiking trip that took a wrong turn. one of the hikers shares his story including what he did to survive. also -- >> we've had a lot of people really pitch in to make it happen. >> the team effort that allowed this heart transplant patience to cheer on his favorite team, >>> also, a trim at the pump. >>> relief for drivers at bay area gas stations. nationwide, prices at the pump have dropped 15 cents since the end of february. national average is now $3.64 a gallon. analysts cr
, when are you going to quit smoking? tomorrow. so? what did they say? i haven't told matt yet. kevin thinks it's great. my dad is definitely not happy. he's mad, huh? yeah. well, today's the day. it's time to let the boss know i'm leaving. you're going to quit... just like that? well, i have to give a two-week notice, right? then i'm out of here. oh, i can't believe it. well, it's true. ( sighs ) hey, i need some new clothes... you want to go shopping after work? o.k. what are we looking for? i've got plenty of jeans and casual stuff for class. what i really need is something dressy for california. i've got zilch. how about this? mmm... too formal. this is pretty. where's the price tag? $200! and it's on sale. who can afford this stuff? this is 30% off-- only $60. i like it. do they have your size? mmm... size 6, perfect. i'm going to try it on. listen, i have to tell you a big secret. my mom doesn't even know. rebecca: what? i'm moving in with jack. you're what? the two of you are always fighting! well, things change. yeah, but people don't. look, i'm going to do it. period. i know
for a big win today. from flagstaff, arizona, please welcome matt crowley-miano. hey, matt. [cheers and applause] a human guinea pig. what--is that with doctors, or what does that mean, "human guinea pig"? >> yeah, when i was in college, just to make a little bit of extra money, i would participate as a test subject in experiments, and so-- >> like, what kind of experiments? >> i'd get jammed into mri tubes. they'd give me injections-- maybe super powers. [laughs] the most fun one i had, they were testing the genetics of alcohol tolerance, so they brought me into the hospital, they gave me a lot of booze, and then they gave me some money at the end. >> really? >> yeah. >> now, that's my kind of experiment. [cheers and applause]rmined whae by giving you all that alcohol? at what point you could not tolerate any? because that could be dangerous, actually. >> i don't remember. [laughter] >> and i also understand that you-- to relieve some of your tension when you're--you know, things get--and they get tense on this show-- you break out into dance. is that correct? >> i do, yeah. i was
will be right back. matt shapiro, president of mws capital, joins us now to talk about earnings and more. good morning to you, matt. - good morning angie. - i would love to get your take on the microsoft situation. we mentioned it earlier, the value act is moving in on this stock. do you own this stock? - you know, i don't own much microsoft anymore. it was the last of the big tech titans that i got out of my portfolios first quarter. but, it had a pretty decent earnings report last week, and of course the news that an activist investor has taken a stake trying to, of course, extract more money. but it does show you that in a sense, the franchise is in a slow decline, and that's when activist investors get into the mix. that said though, the stock, at $31, has done really well, and is up 10% since i sold it actually. - and what about earnings? what's your view there? - earnings this quarter so far are pretty decent. this is the first quarter where earnings are expected to be slightly lower. 72% of companies are beating, but only about half on revenues. and there have been some misses here and
by the brainwashing she said she endured before she defected. >>> matt salmon said he's still opposed to equal rights for gay and lesbians. we'll talk to his son, matt. where cutting taxes for families and businesses is our business. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business visit we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >>> welcome back. a message to north korea tonight is cooling. secretary of state kerry warned the north not to test-fire a ballistic missile. kim jong-un needs to understand, as i think he does, what the outc
were not. we know there were two explosive devices and again, no further threats. now, matt, the runners know the last part of the race here as heartbreak hill, and i don't think anyone imagined what a heartbreaking day yesterday would turn out to be. >> of course it was the last several hundred yards where the tragedy took place, lester. you mentioned officials are calling for anyone in the public who has photographic or video evidence to contact them and turn it in. of course, there were a lot of cameras in that area, as people tried to get shots of their loved ones crossing the finish line, and they may have inadvertently captured not only either one or both of these explosions but something else that may prove helpful to law enforcement in the coming hours, days and weeks. >> if you see something, say something, and that's what they're counting on, but the investigation obviously is just beginning here, and so much now. >> much more ahead on "nbc nightly news". -- >> bring out the best in others, the ones they seek to harm. >> right, there's still discussion obviously wh
-host matt lauer is there for coverage of the library dedication. matt, i think we have our unexpected news of the day from mama bush in what barbara bush said about -- about -- about jeb bush about no more bushes. i want to start with, you've been through this museum. what is the one thing that you would be spending the most time on if you were just going through as an average american? >> well, i think david will agree with this. because we were both in a bit of a run-through yesterday afternoon. there is this decision points theater, chuck. in that the visitor gets to go -- there's an enormous hd screen on the wall. you stand at individual screens as well. and what they want you to do is they want to take a look back at some of the most difficult and controversial decisions of the bush presidency. namely, whether you send federal troops into new orleans after katrina. whether you invade iraq. whether you do the troop surge in iraq. then the bank bailout. it's a multimedia situation where you use the latest technology and they give you information on both sides, although, david, i think s
? the normally private megastar matt damon providing rare insight into his marriage. we'll tell you what he promised his wife when they renewed their vows. it's what every woman really wants to hear. >>> absolutely. >> hey, good morning, everybody. take a look at this picture. this happened just hours ago. a young boy pulled out of the rubble after spending four days, four days buried alive. this is one of many astonishing survival stories. the latest from the scene coming up. >> really a race against time there. >>> also this morning, the skies are looking a lot friendlier for flyers now that congress okayed a quick fix to end big flight delays that jammed airports nationwide. we'll tell you how the controllers are being kept on the job. but sould they be getting special treatment? a rare move of bipartisanship. >> your government at work. a lot of skepticism. they fixed this problem just in time to go home for their spring break. >>> also, somebody who deserves no skepticism. our intrepid meteorologist ginger zee, in the windy city. there she is. looking radiant in yellow. is that yellow?
that disastrous cruise back in february. abc's matt gutman has details. >> reporter: for the second time in as many months, all aboard the carnival "triumph" were left adrift. this time a storm walloped the ship with 70-mile-per-hour winds. 800 crew and contractors were on the colossus as it was bouncing off of the ships and boats in mobile bay, undergoing months of repair. >> due to the high winds, the carnival "triumph" broke its moorings, drifted over across the mobile ship channel, had a collision with the army corps of engineer boat and deck barge. during the collision it took a few scrapes and scratches. >> two of them broke real fast. the rest of them it was snap, snap, one after another. kind of slow. it was ki-- once the last one broke, it looked like somebody was driving the boat. >> reporter: an eyewitness described the slow-motion chaos as the ship drifted helplessly in the bay. >> the wind just came out of nowhere, i seen a couple of portalettes go flying by. and someone said, "oh, my god, look at the carnival." we turned and look, and you can see the carnival come in side w
will he do today? well, mona and matt will have something to say about that. welcome and good luck to all three of you. here we go. jeopardy! round. and the jeopardy! round contains these categories. those three letters coming up in each correct response. adam. i'll take entertaining food & drink for $200, please. alex: matt. who is lucy? lucy. yes. entertaining food & drink for $400, please. mona. what is "bridesmaidsright. go "ape" for $200. adam. what is the grape? correct. food & drink for $600, please. na. who is jack nicholson? you remembered him. good. entertaining food & drink for $800. adam. what is "fried green tomatoes"? correct. food & drink for $1,000, please. adam. who is cagney? james cagney geographic akas for $200, please. matt. what is budapest? yes. geographical akas, $400, please. adam. what is india? correct. geographic akas for $600, please. matt. what are the hawaiian islands? good. geographic akas, $800. answer there -- the daily double. [ applause ] you're on the board at $1,000, tied with mona.
for the win. he said don't change it, i like it. matt? >> matt: kyle busch in the upper right. says he needs more help most on exiting the corner. calls for the air pressure change. taking air out of both rears to help with the forward bite. joey logano what a race he has had. entry is stable but needs to teak off better. especially on this much shorter run. >> mike: and busch wins the race off pit road pit road with truex second. carl edwards moving up and greg biffle. >> eddie: guess what the deciding factor in the race may be? the number one pit box. >> larry: which goes back before the 500-miler are started toed qualifying lap. >> darrell: same as it was last week at martinsville. >> mike: pole winner has the first choice of pit position. most pole winners pick pit number one. and that is where kyle busch rocketed out from to beat martin truex to the end of the pit road. >> darrell: look at the boys celebrate. woohoo. >> mike: as the caution came out, we were riding with mark martin. they said there was debris up in turn number four. that was -- almost looked like martin just lost the ca
richard's sister, badly wounded, part of her leg was missing. he ran, he was off duty, this is matt patterson, a firefighter and paramedic, he was having a drink with his girlfriend when the blast went off. he ran, he saw the little girl, and he saved her life. >> i don't know if it was just tunnel vision or fate or whatever it was, but i just looked and focused and i just saw this one child in the middle of the street, just sitting there with this dazed, shocked look. [ tires screech ] [ beeping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, analyze and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned... mercedes-benz for the next new owner. ♪ hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for 1.99% financing during our certified pre-owned sales event through april 30th. pre-owned sales event at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. hel
with this for the rest of our lives. >> i want to bring in matt welsh, editor and chief of "reason" magazine and mckay hawkins. matt, start with you. they're describing this as a make or break week. what would you say? we've been watching this process for some time now. >> the only thing that's on the table right now the background checks, expanding existing background checks which are not enforced strenuously. this is a last ha-rah of any democratic effort to follow up on the newtown tragedy with any kind of legislation and with the filibuster at stake or in play right now, i think it's a coin toss as to whether we're going to get anything done. so it might just be the last political framing of this issue. >> who has the momentum right now? >> there's a little momentum because pat toomey is involved on the republican side. thatsdz that said, it's interesting to watch the angry birds versus the wacko birds, the john mccain and lindsey graham against the marco rubios. so far, the ram/paul side has had more juice and momentum. obama is playing on that distinguish right now and trying to see who will
-in-chief, matt welch. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. i'm being held here against my will, america. >> so will crime drop with an armed block? well a texas-based group is providing shotguns to poor americans in dangerous neighborhoods. explains kyle copeland, the founder of the arm -- armed citizen project as they have more to fear crime begins to drop as a result. this week they give out their first gats that came with mandatory training. copeland hopes to arm an entire crime-ridden nation that guns make folks safer. can raccoons play the harp? that was a sprinkler with harp music. >> that was absolutely phony. we will change that. >> hi, kennedy. >> hi, andy. look at those blue eyes. normally you are behind a screen. >> is this a good idea or great idea? >> this is fantastic for the people of houston. actually it is a crime-ridden neighborhood and there are a lot of assaulted and rapes and it is nice to see single, elderly women who don't have a lot of means are being trained to use firearms. i worry it is some sort of backhanded racist experiment where someone is actually giving
hall. wjz is live at oriole park, where matt herzel is being remembered tonight. rochelle ritchie with more on the charges. rochelle? >> reporter: hi, vic. the fans here at camden yards, will be filled with loyal orioles fans, minus one, the city employee, hit and killed. the driver now facing charges in the death. >> reporter: 43-year-old johnny johnson is the man police say was behind the wheel of this black acura, when he hit and killed 45-year-old matt herzel. >> next thing i heard was a crash. and we went running and saw a man on the ground. >> reporter: johnson said very little at his bail review, as the judge set bail at $250,000. >> reporter: investigators say a state trooper spotted johnson, exiting the jfx at more than 100 miles per hour, just as matt herzel was crossing the street here to go home. johnson slammed into him, killing him instantly. >> reporter: matt herzel worked at city hall for 28 years and loved the orioles with a passion. tonight, the orioles will pay respects to one of their number 1 fans. >> this was his passion. >> it's just a terrible situation tha
, matt welch one of my favorite libertarian sparring partners and editor in chief ot "reason" magazine. and mya wylie. matt, i want to start with you because it feels to me like this is a negative/positive freedom. a libertarian versus big state question. where do you fall on? >> well, i know you're not going to steal my daughter because you didn't do it when you hads the chance. my problem with what your statement was was that from my perspective the premise of it was wrong. right? we don't lack for spending mur on public education in this country. we spend three times as much per capital per student as we did in 1970 with the same results we had in 1970. so we already have a social contract where we said everywhere every kid has a the right to public education. that exists and yet public education is not performing. so a that is what we need to con front. not some notion that it's our overly private sense of our children that we have to somehow breakthrough. no, we've broken through that, actually, but what we haven't done is translate that to better education. >> it's interesting. w
together in dallas this morning for the dedication of the george w. bush presidential center. matt is there with an exclusive live tour from president and mrs. bush today. live tour from president and mrs. bush today. thursday, april 25, 2013. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, welcome to a special split edition of "today" on this thursday morning, i'm savannah guthrie, matt is coming to us from texas, southern universities. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. you forgot to say chilly southern methodist university. we're five miles from downtown dallas at laura bush's alma mater for the dedication of the president al library, officially called the george w. bush presidential center. as you menoned, all five living presidenting will be on hand so you can only imagine the security issues that people have been going through. on the stage behind me will be president obama, president bush, 41, president bush 43, president carter, president clinton, and their wives as well as other dignitaries in attendance. former vice president dick cheney will be
>>> and good morning, welcome to the special split edition of "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer in new york and savannah is in washington. always nice to start the show with happy news and nice pictures. >> exactly. so excited about little baby mila and just like her mom she's in a hurry, she came about two weeks early. >> when jenna was here on thursday on the show she was over it, ready to go. we congratulate them this morning. you're in washington, meanwhile, to interview the president. >> we'll sit down with president obama later today at the white house. we'll talk about everything from this crucial gun control vote this week to the economy, north korea, the escalating tension there is and we'll have that exclusive interview for you tomorrow on "today". >> we look forward to that, savannah. >>> we have new information on how the obama administration is handling the latest threats from north korea. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell talked to secretary of state john kerry overnight. andrea, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. john ker
is cnn producer matt pruchy. you were there cheering on your brother running the marathon. we know he's safe. tell us what you saw. >> it was boil ston avenue, the final mile of the boston marathon, just crowded with people, crowded with runners and spectators, too, and then i heard a big giant explosion about 100 yards down farther from me towards the finish line. i looked over there and saw a giant plume of smoke rising up. it wasn't on the street proper it looked like it was on the sidewalk or perhaps a parking lot. and i would say the smoke went up about as high as a three or four-story building. about ten seconds later after everyone was wondering what that was, about 20 yards from me across the street another big explosion. it looked like it came oust the sidewalk or something under the sidewalk or in the sidewalk. i'm not entirely sure. then that's when people just started scrum bling. the -- scrambling. people were terrified, wondering if there was going to be a third explosion. this one was awfully close. only after the dust settled i saw about six, seven people strewn about
what we heard earlier from witnesses on the scene including our own matt tomlin right there at the finish line and describing just seeing people without legs and arms in the minutes after these explosions. again mass general hospital. now telling us at a press conference that they're treating 19 people total. six of them are in critical condition. five of them in serious condition. and again backing up what we heard earlier about these really traumatic injuries. we're dealing with amputations here in this case. that's what the doctors are in fact telling us over at mass general. so that is what we got here from mass general. a lot of hospitals right downtown. i'm sure injured are being sent to different ones. at this point this is what we're hearing from mass general. >> mike, you have to think about it, once the runners have run 26 miles, they're already so weak. adam: the white house responded to this. the first statement was offering assistance to boston but wendell goler from the fox news channel is standing by live at the white house with the latest. wendell, brin
day starter and rightfully so is matt cain. his 2012 season wouldn't seem feasible if it were played out on a video game. not only winning 16 in the regular season, but starting and winning the all-star game. cain also started serious clinchers. and the story on top -- and the cherry on top, absolute perfection. >> on the ground, arias from deep third. got him! and that's a perfect game. >> what can matt cain get better at it? >> i don't know. there's always different things. keep the league, keep your team into it maybe when you give up runs early. there's always different things. some of them you may not be able to put a finger on it right now, but when things come up, you try to solve those as they come. >> not to forget tim lincecum. he's coming off his worst season as a pro, he's not had a good spring training, after the season, he's a free agent. what's to become of the one- time face of the franchise. fred ingles has the story. >> reporter: he made his new look sound like it was no big deal. >> got tired of the long hair. >> reporter: but i reminded him we all make changes in
does? >> let me first off thank you, matt, let me first say i feel like a minority among the panel. but i am not overwhelmed by it. i think we have a little misconception here and what we forget all along, the public, the taxpayers. the bail industry provides a service to the criminal justice system and has here in the united states. we do this without cost of the taxpayers. none of this burden is on the taxpayers. and what i see happening, and i have had discussions with the aclu and pretrial on. it's not a cookie-cutter situation. bail is very personal. to have a policy or government entity responsible for arresting you and adjudicating your case and the sentencing and bail. there no check balances involved in this. i have sat in los angeles and waiting for the sheriff department for a gentleman that had to get to his job or lose his job. and 36 hours later he's still in custody when he could have been bailed out through corporate bail. our industry brings to the state of california revenues in excess of 11 to $20 million to state revenues. and what i am hearing is that this move
-0 performance with a 1.69era in the 2012 postseason. >> the opening day starter and rightfully so is matt king. his 2012 season wouldn't seem feasible if it were played out on a video game. not only winning 16 in the regular season but starting and winning the all star game. he also started all serious clinchers for the giants in the postseason and the cherry on top, absolute perfection. >> on the ground, from deep, got him. and that's the game. >> what can matt cain get better at. >> i don't know. there's always different things. you find ways to keep the lead when you have them. keep your team into it. maybe when you give up runs early. there's always different things here and there. some of them, you know, you might not really be able to put a pinger on right now but when things come up, you just try to solve them as they come. >> not to forget tim lincecum. he's a story in to himself. he's coming off his worst season as a pro. he has not had a good spring training and after this season he's a free agent. what's to become of the one time face of the franchise. fred has the story? >> when he
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